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The Donor Appreciation Ceremony (DAC) is typically organised every two years to honour deceased organ, tissue and whole body donors and to show appreciation to their families. During the ceremony, donor families and transplant recipients share their testimonies on how the donation and transplant had impacted their lives.

Donor families take pride, knowing that their loved one’s heroic acts and noble deeds made a difference in saving lives. Such intense emotions in donor families often move those present to tears. Families leave the ceremony comforted, knowing that the deepest appreciation is accorded to their loved ones who would always be remembered as Heroes.

Each donor family walked away with a jar containing “Stars of Love”, collectively folded by secondary school students and healthcare professionals, symbolising the heartfelt appreciation to our Heroes and their families.

  1. The theme for Donor Appreciation Ceremony 2018 was ‘Builders of Lives’. The theme indicates how organ donors - our Heroes - play a key role to rebuild lives that were once broken by organ failure. Representatives of each donor family were invited up on stage to place a brick onto the ‘house’ (backdrop), symbolising the rebuilding and completing of homes that were once broken by organ failure.

  2. DAC 2018 builders oflife

    A small decorative piece indicating the theme for the ceremony.

    DAC 2018 AmyKhor

    Dr Amy Khor (Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Environment and Water Resources & Ministry of Health) - the Guest-of-Honour for DAC 2018.

    DAC 2018 Performers

    As a tribute to Silent Mentors, medical students from Yong Yoo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore performed song dedications (You Raise Me Up and Heal the World) to donor families.

  3. DAC 2018 Carmen

    Parents of Ms Carmen Mark, an organ donor, shared how their daughter had always wanted to help others, including her ambition to be a nurse. In addition, Ms Mark had wanted to leave a legacy through organ donation when she passed on.

    “I promised to fulfil her wish if I am around, and I really did”, ​said Mr Mark.

    DAC 2018 interview

    Heart transplant recipient, Ms Serene Lee, shared how her life was previously dependent on a mechanical heart pump. Now, she volunteers at the National Heart Centre Singapore to encourage and support other patients who are waiting for a heart transplant.

    DAC 2018 house

    With donor families’ support, the backdrop can be completed - showing how donors rebuild the homes and families previously broken due to organ failure.

  1. Donor Appreciation Ceremony 2016 revolved around the theme “Tree of Life”. The theme signifies how the donors are like a great tree, supporting many different families across all walks of society. Through organ donation, each tree bears multiple fruits. WIth their generous deeds, the seeds - families of transplant recipients - can be given the chance to grow and bear fruit.

  2. DAC 2016 034

    Associate Professor Benjamin Ong (Director of Medical Services, Ministry of Health) graced the ceremony as the Guest-of-Honour.

    DAC 2016 051

    Liver transplant recipient, Mr William Hong, shared about how he had plunged into helplessness until he received a liver transplant.

    DAC 2016 044

    Transplant coordinators dedicated a poem to express their gratitude to our Heroes and their families.

  3. DAC 2016 064

    Representatives of each donor family were invited up on stage to place a ‘flower’ to complete the ‘tree’. The ‘flower’ symbolises the blossoming of the recipient’s second lease of life given by our precious donors.

    DAC 2016 103

    Each donor family was presented with a flower bouquet from healthcare workers, a gesture of appreciation and gratitude.

    DAC 2016 001

    Each donor family was also presented with a Tree of Life booklet, a compilation of thank you notes by transplant recipients and healthcare professionals.